Secure Digital Signage

Security is vital. Performance is the key

There are other solutions

That have all the same security issues

The average business has
10+ screens.

None of them are secured.

How it works

Four simple steps

Connect an Android TV
device or a TV Box
with > Android 5.1

Launch the SignSecure
app on your Android
TV player

Follow the
instructions on your

Start running
content. We mean it,
that’s it.

Advanced Template Designer and Science!

SignSecure achieves the goals.

Secure and


Fast on every


No Outdated

$70 per screen per
month or even less

Free for 14 days. No credit card required.

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Amount of screens you want to use. More displays = Pay less:

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Price Per Device

$500 / year

$500 / year

Total Price

$500 / year

$500 / year

You save with annual subscription

$500 / year

Contact us for enterprise pricing and features. You’ll like it!

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About SignSecure

We believe in Security!
Also stability, scalability, and smooth behavior.
All of that deliver perfect experience.

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